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Vitrocom is a modern tissue laboratory with its own laboratories in the Netherlands and South Africa. It also has cooperative ties with companies at home and abroad. 

Since 1988 Vitrocom has been successfully supplying tissue cultured plant material for a growing group of professional buyers. Vitrocom is specialized in agriculture, forestry, and horticulture plant material. 

The experienced staff of Vitrocom International meanwhile has gained international recognition for their capability to service and consistently deliver products of the highest quality. 

Vitrocom disposes of a very well utilized research department in the Netherlands for the release of fungies, bacteria and viruses from your plant material. 

Vitrocom, also your partner in plant breeding, disposes of a variety of possibilities to be of service to you in this field. 

Vitrocom's range of services also includes the hardening off of plants multiplied in vitro in diverse substrates, enabling one to optimally benefit from quality plants. For this service Vitrocom can use the knowledge and facilities of Pothos Plant BV.
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